My son has a strong aversion to the first letter of every word.  Hence, according to his toddler-ese, I am 'Ama.

I'm 'Ama!
Ready for GW Parkway Classic 2012
I began running in 2009, when I signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k in my area.  I signed my non-runner husband up too.  He wasn't too thrilled, but I told him we'd take it slow, we'd talk as we ran, and we'd have fun.  We certainly did have fun, because after that race, we were hooked!  We began running more consistently and ran an unofficial half-marathon in the fall of 2009 and a 4-miler that New Years Eve, a race we hoped to do every year.

The race (and banana!) that started it all!
Goofing off at the Fairfax Four 2009

But 2010 had other plans for us.  Early in the year, we learned that I was pregnant, and I pretty much stopped running (totally played the pregnancy card on that one).  My husband kept running, though less consistently because he didn't have his running buddy, moi. ;)

I didn't return to running until the fall of 2011 when we ran the Hershey Half-Marathon, which was a TOTAL blast.  That race made me realize that I really enjoy running, and I want to become a faster, stronger runner.

Hershey Half-Marathon 2011

So here we go: this blog is about my quest to balance family life, a full-time job and my desire to become a better runner.

Run 'Ama, Run!!

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