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  1. Ama-
    I would love to send you a Handana to blog or giveaway. Let me know where I can send it. Here is some of the story behind Handana.

    26 years ago today I went into the burn unit as a patient with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS). I was having a reaction to a medication. SJS is an autoimmune reaction which causes your skin to blister to the point that you have 2nd and 3rd degree burn. Unlike many with SJS, I survived, was not blind, and was not left grossly scarred. SJS did leave my eyes very sensitive. As a runner, if sweat drips into my eyes, it burns and makes it hard for me to keep running. With that said, I used to wear a bandana around my hand to wipe sweat.

    While training for my first marathon earlier this year, I created Handana. It is a high performance fashionable sweat band worn to wipe sweat. Handanas are now sold in two stores in Austin, available on Amazon, and was featured in Austin Fit Magazine last month.

    Handana does not just serve a function though. It is a symbol to inspire you to cross your finish line no matter where it may be in life and, by doing so empower others along the way. I love the people and experiences I have been introduced to because of Handana. I look forward to seeing the journey Handana takes me on.

    Thanks for your interest and help to get the word out about my product and story.

    Have a great weekend,