Friday, April 13, 2012

Its a wrap

Nugget and I went for a mini-run at the lake, mostly so I could get a feel for the hiker/biker trail.  It is quite nice and I look forward to many more runs with my son there.  However, I really need to incorporate a run-with- jogging-stroller into my weekly training plan, because running with a stroller is no joke!  Especially when you need to sing to keep your kid entertained.  I apologize to anyone who may have heard me; that wasn't a bear, that was just me singing.

We ran 2.6 miles in 28:03 minutes at an average pace of 10:47 m/m.  Man, oh man.  Looking forward to improving that pace!

Short but sweet run, and a great way to wrap up our day.  Will forever cherish these memories of spending time with my son (even though he kept yelling, "I'm done!" every two minutes).

Hydrating after our run.  Its exhausting being so cute.

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