Friday, April 13, 2012

Nugget's New Trick

My son has a new trick he likes to perform at mealtime.  He will partially chew his food, spit it out on the table, then point to it and say, "What's that?"  Super gross.  Today he took it to a new level by picking up his partially chewed food, and putting it in my bowl.

Line your daughters up, because my son is one class act.

I'm not worried though.  We have 40 years to work on his table manners before his first date.

Hmm, I wonder how this muffin will look regurgitated?

I'm home with Nugget today because his daycare is closed for professional development.  We spent the morning putzing around the house and watching his favorite youtube clip of fire trucks responding (just a montage of the big engines on the road with lights flashing and sirens blaring).  Then we went upstairs where I attempted to do laundry, but got lassoed into reading the most recent issue of Outside Magazine.  Nugget wanted to look at all the helicopters, bicycles and cool shoes, while also spicing up the photos in his own way.

Nugget furnished his own editorial pizazz to Outside magazine.

I hope Outside Magazine does a construction site issue.  The kid LOVES construction vehicles.

The weather continues to be gorgeous, so we went for a walk around the block and to the neighborhood playground.  Sans shoes.  I mean, I was wearing socks, but decided that on such a nice day, shoes were really unnecessary.  Nugget insisted on wearing his shoes, which were also completely unnecessary because he also insisted I carry him the whole time.

And yes, as you may have guessed, my impromptu sock walk was motivated by my intrigue with barefoot running.  I've transitioned to minimalist shoes, but would like something even more minimalist...even less shoe.  So I've taken to walking sans shoe/only sock as much as possible.  Thankfully, DJ Research is also joining me in my crazy (he walked home from the bus stop yesterday in just his socks--carrying his shoes-- and got a few funny looks from the neighbors).

The walk was fine.  Apparently, I am a strong heel striker when walking (even when walking barefoot!), but I noticed my gait really changed when walking on the wood chips at the playground.  I was more inclined to mid-foot strike without really thinking about it, though I'm not sure why.  Maybe I was self-conscious about being shoeless around the group of SAHM at the playground, that I wanted to walk correctly in front of them?  I dunno.

Nugget will awake from his nap at any minute, so I need to wrap this up and get the laundry started.  We're planning on meeting DJ Research at the lake after work, so hopefully I'll have some pictures for you then!

Rocking Elmo to sleep in attempt to avoid his own nap.

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