Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation from Vacation

I'm always surprised at how long it takes me to readjust to the rhythms of my day-to-day life when I return from vacation.  Its as if I refuse to acknowledge I am back at home, back at work, back at constructing my own dinner menus (which I am horribly bad at).  Instead, I continue to mentally drift through that lacksidasical vacation haze of beach-side meanderings and late morning sleep-ins, even though my life around me has resumed screaming its commands: "WAKE UP EARLY!" "DON'T BE LATE!!" DON'T SLOUCH!" (oh, sorry, that last one was rollover from childhood).

Where I still am (src)

My refusal to return mentally from vacation means that I feel like I am always in catch-up mode.  In regards to running it means that I only ran twice during the week (not counting this weekend).  And neither time was early in the morning.  

The first run was a 3-mile run in the evening as DJ Research was putting Nugget to bed.  I was bored with my usual 3-mile loop so I decided to mix things up.  Rather than turn right out of my front door, I turned left through a different part of the neighborhood.  Result: still boring.  But at least I got it done.

The second run was more enjoyable of the two.  I did a 7-mile run around Lake A. on my lunch break.  Last time I did this run was in late March when the weather was significantly cooler.  On this first go round I tackled the 7-miles in 67 minutes.  I'm a stronger runner now and was hoping to make it back in under an hour.  This go round, I did it in 60 minutes flat which, considering the heat and humidity, I am a-ok with.  (And DO NOT ask if I showered after my run unless you are prepared for the TRUTH  <------ this statement sponsored by my stick of deodorant).

Do you work out on your lunch break?


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  1. I wish I could work out on my lunch break, but as a teacher I don't get one. I eat lunch with my students. Otherwise someone dies, or can't get their ketchup open.