Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Mama Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Hot Mama Half Marathon, which was a virtual half-marathon hosted by Moms Run This Town (MRTT). A virtual race is great because it allows participants to run a course of their choosing, and I chose to run my half-marathon through our nation's capital.

My route, minus a mile since Dailymile
doesn't acknowledge shortcuts. :-/

It was a beautiful, but hot, morning.  I started in Georgetown (where I knew I would find parking).

Specifically, Georgetown Cupcake

After spending 20 minutes searching for a bathroom, I finally started my run around 7:30.

Crossing the Key Bridge, heading into Virginia

Did a quick loop around Roosevelt Island

Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial
from across the Potomac

I ran up to the 14th St. Bridge, where I crossed back in DC and began my "Memorial Miles":

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument
(from the Jefferson Memorial, I think)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Tidal Basin (not a memorial but very pretty)

FDR Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt @FDR Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

At the Lincoln Memorial, I tripped and almost landed flat on my face in front of all the tourists.  Luckily, my handheld saved me, and I managed to stay on my feet and keep on running.  Although I'm sure my face-plant would have made for some interesting vacation photos.

I continued up to the Capitol Building, where I turned around and began to head back.

The Capitol

Washington Monument from The Mall

I crossed back into Virginia via the Arlington Memorial Bridge, but I didn't get a picture because I was tired of fishing my iphone out of my waistpack.  Also, because I was just plain tired.

It was a hot run.  I tried to refill my handheld at the various water fountains along the "course" but none of them had enough power to actually get a decent arc of water going so I could position my handheld underneath.  In the end, I wound up purchasing a bottle of water from a vendor for $2.35!  That kinda hurt.

I hit 13.1 miles just as I crossed into Virginia, so I finished my half-marathon in 2:05:38.  My training plan had me running 14 miles today, though, so I kept going for another mile.  The devil and the angel on my shoulders were debating whether or not I should run 15 miles.  I'm not sure who was arguing for what, but my legs did their own thing and stopped running at exactly 14 miles.  I had another .5 mile to go before I was back in Georgetown though, so I did a mix of run/walking until I got back to my car.

As soon as I unlocked my car, I tore upon the envelope that I received from MRTT.  Inside was the finisher's medal and a little Hot Mama decal.  Woot!!

Hot Mama Medal

Hot Mama  Decal

This was a super fun race.  1) Because I won. (hehe -- its the only time I'll ever win a race, I'm sure :), 2) because I got to choose the course and run where I wanted to run and 3) because for $11, I got a little bit of bling and a little bit of swag!

If you've never done a virtual race, I highly recommend it.  So fun!  Thanks MRTT, for hosting such a cool (or hot :) event.  I'm ready for the next one! :)


  1. So jealous o your runnin route! Awesome, awesome. And cool that you got a virtual race medal.