Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WWYD: What Would You Do?

If you were just about to head out for an 8 mile run, when all of a sudden the sky got dark and you heard thunder nearby, would you still go for your run?  If the wind started to pick up and raindrops the size of gumballs started falling from the sky, would you still go for your run?  If you knew that you would probably be running in the rain AND in the dark for over an hour, would you still go your run?

I cancelled my run tonight because my answer to all the above questions was NO.  But there is a part of me that wonders if I should have answered YES.  And as much as I love the man, DJ Research wasn't helping either.  Though he didn't explicitly say it, I could tell he thought I should go for my run.

I know that if it rains on race day, I will have to run in the rain.  So, one could argue, it might be a good idea to train in the rain.  Thing is, for a road marathon, I don't think anyone really needs to practice running in the rain (unless you were trying to BQ or PR, the latter of which I will earn anyway because this will be my first marathon. hehe).  Running on the road in the rain doesn't take any special skill; you just have to accept the fact that "Hey, I'm wet."

Still, should I have gone?  Am I a wuss to have stayed home and enjoyed pork tacos with my family instead?    What would you have done?  Tell me honestly, blogosphere.  I need to know where I fall on the bad-a** spectrum.

And while I wait for your response, I will enjoy this glass of red wine.



  1. Well, considering that I would say NO pretty much every time I ask myself if I should go out and run, I donʻt think I can help you to feel better about your choice.

    But I still think youʻre bad ass.

  2. Tough call - if it was warm rain, and it was only drizzling instead of strong rain, I probably would have gone. But that last part about it being dark - that seems dangerous to me. I guess I'd ask how dark would it be out there. Because you don't want to have a safety problem out there running.

    There will always be better runs, you likely made the right choice! Who knows, maybe running in the rain may have made you sick.