Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: San Francisco Marathon

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about races.  Seriously, if I could race very weekend, I would. On Wednesdays, I post about races that I wish/hope/dream I will/could run in the future.  Whether or not I am physically capable of completing some of these races is a different story altogether!

Wishlist Wednesday: The San Francisco Marathon

I've run in San Francisco.  Once.  It was years ago.  I ran from Union Square, near where we were staying, up to Coit Tower and back.  I don't remember the mileage of that run--since I didn't consider myself a runner back then, just someone who ran occasionally--but I do remember really enjoying the streets, and hills, of San Francisco.

So I'm thinking that I should one day run the San Francisco Marathon.  Apparently the course takes you through Fisherman's Wharf, the Marina, Golden Gate Park, Haight Street, the Mission, and many other areas of beautiful San Francisco that I vaguely remember from my trip oh-so-long ago (there may or may not have been copious amounts of alcohol consumed on that trip).  Plus?  The course takes you out and back across the Golden Gate Bridge.  How awesome is that?

SFM Course Map

Not from the SF marathon, but an awesome picture nonetheless

From what I've read though, the San Francisco Marathon is not for the weak of heart.  Or legs.  Or for those with vertigo.  San Francisco is famous for its hills.  And thus, it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway), the San Francisco marathon is a crazy hilly course.  Crazy hilly.  Did I mention there would be hills?

SFM  Elevation Chart

The 2012 race was this past weekend, and Devon Crosby-Helms won the women's event.  Her race recap is here.  And here's a hilarious race recap from 2011.  The 2013 race will be held in June due to the fact that America's Cup will be in San Francisco next year.  My birthday is in June next year (its in June every year).  Hmmmm.....

Have you ever run the San Francisco Marathon?  Is it worth the pain? :)


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