Saturday, October 27, 2012

For The Beauty Of It

Today was my last run on my running trail.

I lack the authorial skill to capture what this run meant to me and how I felt as I ran the pavement one last time.  I love this paved trail.  We've spent many glorious mornings together as I trained for my first marathon.  It feels like we've been through so much together.  Now as marathon training draws to a close, and my winter runs will be near home or with a local trailrunning group, our weekly rendezvous have come to an end.  And whats more, today's run was also my last long run of my first marathon training season.

I wish I could say I finished strong.  But I didn't.  It was a bittersweet run.  My body was achy from lack of sleep and the impending symptoms of on oncoming cold.  My mind apparently stayed in bed.  My legs felt fresh but my feet hurt.  The trail was beautiful, though.  It was oh so beautiful.  And as tired as I felt, I couldn't help but marvel at how lucky I was to run among the colors.

Tomorrow, over 30,000 runners of the Marine Corps Marathon will experience a different type of beauty: the beauty of achievement.  The beauty of reward.  The beauty of crossing the finish line.

Run hard.  Run happy.  We'll be out there cheering for you.