Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spectating the 37th Marine Corps Marathon with a Dinosaur and a Cowbell!

"Run! Run! Run!" "Go! Go! Go!" "Daddy Run-Run!" Nugget yelled as the runners passed by.  We were waiting for DJ Research to come into view as we joined other spectators along the National Mall to cheer for those tackling the 37th Marine Corps Marathon.  "Daddy Run-Run!" was his favorite line, though Daddy was still nowhere in sight.

I made us both dinosaur hoodies for the event (which obviously looks so adorable on Nugget, and absolutely ridiculous on me), and bought a cowbell to top off our costume (because who doesn't love a cowbell-ringing dinosaur?)

His turn to run-run! with cowbell in hand.

The whole family was there to cheer for the runners:

Nugget the Dinosaur
Elmo the Elmo
Elmo the Seal
Nugget and Elmo taking a break from cheering

We caught the DJ's attention as he came into view around mile 17, and he jumped off the course to quickly give Nugget a hug.  He had forgotten his hand-held at home, so I gave it to him and he jumped back into the race.

We saw him again at mile 18ish (just on the other side of the Mall), and then booked it back to Rosslyn so we could catch him at the finish.  Travelling through a crowded metro with a toddler and a jogging stroller and an over-sized umbrella that keeps poking people is neither fun nor easy.  Just sayin'.

As we arrived at the "finisher's fence," I got a text message saying that DJ Research crossed the finish line in 3:34:03.  He had beat his goal time by 57 seconds!  The DJ ran this race hard and it was an emotional reunion when we saw him.  I was so proud that he had done so well!

Congratulations to all the MCM 2012 finishers!!

Did you race this weekend?  What is your proudest race moment?

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