Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tossing Ideas Around

DJ Research has been considering initiating a health challenge among his social sphere.  He's tentatively calling it "Health Week Challenge" (which I actually coined and I realize is not very creative).  Basically he wants to challenge himself and his friends to actively engage in one healthy activity--be it physical, educational, dietary, emotional/psychological (i.e. stress)--for one week.

This is not completely uncommon for the DJ and I.  We will sometimes impose little challenges on ourselves; for instance, we challenged ourselves to become "voracious readers" and last year we both read over 30 books (a big jump from a few years ago when I just read 6 books).

So the DJ is tossing ideas my way as to what his "Healthy Week Challenge" challenge might be:

DJ: I was thinking I could try to run 100 miles in one week.
Me: You realize many would argue that puts too much stress on the body, and thus would be the opposite of healthy.
DJ: Yes, but I really want to do it.
Me: Well, I think its a great goal, and I think you could totally do it!  Maybe not next week, but with smart training, I know you could totally run 100 miles in one week.  Thats an awesome goal!!
DJ: Thanks! I was also thinking I would try to get 8 hours of sleep a day for one whole week.
Me:  WHAT?!?  Are you crazy?  Thats insane!  You mean 8 consecutive hours?  For 7 consecutive days?  Thats impossible!  Are humans even capable of such a feat?!

Clearly priorities are a little messed up around here.  And clearly I need more sleep.

Getting enough sleep is exceptionally vital to good health, but it is oh-so-difficult to do.  I would love to blame it on the fact that I have young son, but honestly, Nugget is a champion sleeper.  10-12 hours a night is the norm for him  I'm just such a night owl, I can't go to bed before midnight.

Despite my night-owl tendencies, getting adequate sleep would not be the biggest challenge for me.  My challenge would be in the kitchen.  Because I H.A.T.E. cooking.  To be completely frank, "cook one meal every day for a whole week" would be really difficult for me.  I hate cooking that much.

So we'll see whats in store for both of us once the "Health Week Challenge" rolls around.  Hopefully I'm on vacation that week.


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