Saturday, November 3, 2012

Craving the Morn

The morning was crisp and cool as I set out for my last long run of marathon training.  The sky was just beginning to brighten along its gradient of gray, and I could feel the growing hum of energy as the world around was slowly coming awake.  It was perfect.  It was beautiful.  It made me feel so blessed to be a runner.

There is nothing quite like an early morning run.  The elation you feel as your feet hit the pavement in the quiet cold.  The accomplished smile you wear knowing you've just run X number of miles before most people are even awake.  Yes, its difficult to get out of a warm bed when its still dark outside, but its so worth it.

Lately I've been craving early morning runs.  I'm not a morning person, so this desire to run early is new to me.  Earlier this week, though I hit the hay after midnight because I was preparing goodies for Nugget's Halloween party at school, I got myself out of bed at 5:00 for a 4 mile run because I NEEDED to run early--in the crisp, cool, calm--and start my day out right.

Halloween Treats!
(got the idea from Pinterest, but can't find the pin!)

Today I was supposed to run 10 miles for my last long run before the Richmond Marathon.  But 7 miles in I knew I needed to go longer.  The dawn was just breaking, the day just beginning and I wasn't ready to stop. I needed to go longer.  My schedule said to taper, my body said I need more.  So I gently ran an additional 3, hitting 13 miles as I approached our house.  My body and mind were happy.  

Love this tree.

And my son was happy that I was just in time to watch the Wiggles.


Are you an early morning runner?  If so, do you run when its still dark out?  How do you motivate to get yourself out of bed?

Do you strictly follow a training schedule or do you allow for flexibility, depending on how your body feels?

Do you enjoy running in cool weather or do you prefer hotter temperatures? 



  1. I love morning runs on weekend. They just start me day off right. However, during the week I have to leave for work at 6:30 so time to get up, run, shower, eat breakfast... yikes I'd have to be up at like 4:30, no deal!