Friday, June 8, 2012

Into the Deep Unknown

This weekend we are venturing into the deep unknown.

No, we are not diving to the bottomless depths of the ocean.

Nor are we journeying to the edge of the universe.

We are going camping.  In a tent.  With a toddler.

It's only for the weekend: two nights, three days.  But it does have the possibility of feeling like FOREVER.

We've packed the essentials and I've got a list of activities to keep the kid entertained and make this weekend super fun.  So I feel prepared.  But I said that before the kid was born, and then he arrived and I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

Despite my slightly anxious tone, I'm actually really excited.  I camped a lot of a kid (though it was always on the beach, so this in-the-woods camping is new to me), and always loved it.  I want to provide similar experiences for little Nugget.

So we'll see if we get the camping bug.  Or just get eaten alive by the little monsters.

Did you camp as a kid?  What are you fondest, or worst, memories?


  1. Would you please get home from camp and tell us about it?

  2. The anonymous post was me;)