Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wonderful Weekend (in pictures)

Last week I posted that our camping weekend was either going to be super fun or a complete disaster.  DJ Research and I are not campers, yet here we were, attempting to sleep in the great outdoors.  With a toddler.

Well, we just got back.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Nugget had the time of his life.  He ran around the campsite like a wild banshee, playing in his own little world.  The DJ and I ate waaaaay too many roasted marshmallows, and just enjoyed being together and unconnected from the rest of the world.  We spent some time wading in the river, and walking along railroad tracks.  Plus, the DJ and I still got our #rwrunstreak 1 mile in on some really hilly terrain.

And though we had a blast, theres really not much to tell.  The trip was quiet and very low key.  So I'll just show you pictures instead:

Ready to roast marshmallows!

Glow stick fun!

We all slept on a queen-sized air mattress,
 much to Nugget's delight.

Nugget really enjoyed the more
technical parts of the trail.

Sensory exploration.

Enjoying the river.

As we're playing in the river, a train comes rolling by.  Choo! Choo! Woo! Woo!


The kid is very determined.
This kept him occupied for HOURS.

We're already planning our next camping trip.  This time around our menu was pretty simple, so next time we want to be a little more adventurous (I'm thinking mochiko chicken and grilled sweetbread).  I'm already hungry!

Do you like to camp?  Whats your favorite camp food?


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  1. LOVE IT!!! Iʻm so excited that you guys got to do this...camping memories are the best!!

    Oh and if I could put in a special request and ask that you post minimally once a day. Iʻve begun starting my days with a cup of coffee and reading your blog and itʻs just no fun when thereʻs nothing new to read. :)