Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catching Up...Thankfully

This month I'm participating in the Give Thanks Challenge, hosted by Abby at Back at Square Zero.  And I'm six days behind.  I'm sure no one out there is keeping track (or are you?!), but my OCD certainly is.  So here are six things that I have been thankful for over the past few days:

1.  Lessons learned from a bad race
2.  Road Trips
3.  Coffee...again (preferably without Flat Stanley, but I couldn't seem to shake him during our Richmond trip)

4.  Sock Gloves

I wore sock gloves during Freedom's Run, and they worked really well in the sub-freezing weather that I made a new pair for Richmond.  The weather was much warmer for Richmond, though, and I ended up chucking them before the race even started.  

I still heart these days later because I FREEZE at work, so they come in handy on a daily basis too.  I got the socks from Target, and I'm going to buy a few more colorful pairs to add some color to my cubicle life.  Yes, its the random things in life that make me happy.

5.  Being on the trail with friends

Thanks to the holiday, I met up with a friend who is just getting into this crazy sport (yes!) for a 5-mile trail run/hike.  Good friends, good trails -- just what I needed after my marathon.

6.  Running with my son

After our hike, I rejoined the fam at the park playground so DJ Research could get a few miles on the trails.  Surprisingly, Nugget had lost interest in the playground, and when I asked him, "Do you want to go for a run?" his face lit up, "Yes!  Mommy, me, run-run?"  So I strapped him in the jogging stroller, gave him some goldfish, and took off.  We ran 3.4 miles in just under 28:50 minutes (8:28 m/m) and I felt great.  So thankful that my son wanted to go for a run.  We all went home smiling.

Have you taken any road trips lately?

Do you have any random items that make you happy?

Do you enjoy trail running?  With friends or flying solo?

Do you run with your kids?  Or run away from them?

How many cups of coffee have you had today? ; )

What are you thankful for today?  Share it below or on Twitter!  Don't forget to tag @backatsquare0 and @ama_runs, and use the hashtag #givethanks!



  1. I had never thought of sock gloves before. Great cheap idea for throwaways to keep you warm pre race. However, being an elementary school teacher I know all about Flat Stanley.

  2. Inspiring, and now you've got me thinking about everything I am thankful for :-)

    Also, love those socks!!!! That is an awesome idea...

  3. I am obsessed with road trips! Love everything about them. And you sock gloves are awesome too. Perfect!

    So my box came today!! The snacks are amazing. I just tried some chipotle maple almonds. So good! Thanks again!

    1. Yay! So glad you are enjoying the snacks. I love the variety in them. Maybe if your kids behave, you'll share with them. Or maybe not. ;)