Thursday, November 8, 2012

Are You Superstitious?

I have to figure out what I'm going to wear for the Richmond Marathon this weekend, and as many of you know, deciding race wardrobe is not a simple task.

Wait a second, who am I kidding?  Its a totally easy task!  Just make sure you're warm enough before the race (warm being relative, of course), and that you bring warm clothes to change into after.  It's not rocket science...BUT I am complicating the question just a tad: do I wear the same outfit that I wore for my first marathon, or do I go with something completely different?

I ran my first marathon about 4 weeks ago, and ran a pretty good race.  I'm wondering if I should wear the same outfit for Richmond, with the hope that it still has some good race energy (though I did wash it - maybe not the best move for the superstitious, but probably a better move for everyone else's sake).  Here's the outfit:

Nothing spectacular, but it did carry me 26.2 miles in under 4 hours.

Or should wear a new outfit, perhaps my Freedom's Run race shirt with different color Pro Compression socks? (I always wear Pro Compression socks when I race.  And I always race in a running skirt.  I don't have a big tush, but I still like the coverage).

Although, frankly, the lime-green does kinda hurt my eyes.

I'm leaning towards wearing what I wore for Freedom's Run, since you know what they say, "Nothing new on race day."  But I am curious how other runners approach their race day outfit.

How do you decided what to wear for a race?  

Will you wear the same outfit again if you raced well in it before?  

Do you have any race superstitions or pre-race rituals that you do before every race?

And since I'm participating this month in the Give Thanks Challenge, hosted by Abby at Back at Square Zero, my #givethanks for the day is:

Snail Mail

I got a very nice handwritten note in the mail today.  It was such a welcomed surprise.  Made me smile.

Do you appreciate a little snail mail every once in a while?


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  1. I think you should wear something different. Or - at least mix it up. Same socks, different shirt? Here's why. If you're going to have a whole career of running, that outfit will not last. And if you establish the superstition that that outfit is what you need to run a good race, you're establishing that you have a bad race just as soon as it falls apart in the wash. If you believe in superstition you have to protect your future self from failure :)