Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giving Gratitude

Thankful Thursdays is a popular meme in the blogging world.  I've been meaning to jump on the thankfulness bandwagon, and figured November is probably the best month to do it.

Thankfully (haha, pun intended), Abby over at Back at Square Zero is hosting a Give Thanks Challenge: every day in the month of November, share something that you are thankful for.  Choose your preferred social media platform--blog/twitter/instagram/facebook/or whatever--and use the hashtag #givethanks.  Feel free to tag Abby (@BackatSquare0) or myself (@ama_runs) - we'd love to hear what you are thankful for!
So as always, I'm late to the game.  Being that its November 4th, I'm going to play catch up and list 4 things I am thankful for, the first being:

1)  My husband.  I am a super lucky girl.  Besides being the funniest person I know, DJ Research is also as obsessed about running as I am.  Rather than dinner and a movie, our perfect date is going for a long run together.  This morning he went out for a 30-mile run, just one week after running his first marathon, because he's still in training - for his 50-miler in two weeks.  I tell you, the running craziness around here doesn't stop, and we're lucky to have each other to support our crazy.

Just before running his 3:34 marathon!

2)  My son.  Nugget is at a fun age.  His vocabulary is exploding, his comprehension is expanding and he's discovered that he can be funny.  He cracks us up on a regular basis.  Also, he invented the next big thing for toddlers: a nightlight that doubles as a cell phone.  Why should teenagers have all the fun?  Now toddlers can chat on the phone in the dark when they really should be asleep in their cribs.  Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go because it fits in mommy's purse!

Hello, Daddy?
(Not to worry, I wasn't driving when this was taken).

My dinosaurs on Halloween.  RAR!

3)  Being a runner.  Running during the Fall is a truly remarkable experience.  Not only do you get a high from running, but you also get to enjoy the crisp Autumn air and the beautiful Fall colors.  Plus, running in a cool Autumn drizzle and catching the warm wafting scent of wood-burning fires from my neighbor's hearths makes me very happy.

These colors make me smile.

4) Starbucks.  Specifically, Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (with 2 pumps instead of 3).  And I reserve the right to be thankful for this more than once this month.  I love Starbucks during the holidays.


What are you thankful for today?  Share it below or on Twitter!  Don't forget the hashtag #givethanks!


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  1. Wow. 30 miles after the marathon. So amazing.
    Your son is too cute. I have a nephew who is 17 months old and had officially made me baby crazy. I have not gotten my first Starbucks red cup, but I am sure it will be my #givethanks one time this season (at least).